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OperationalCloningTM has changed the game

OperationalCloningTM introduces the concept of organisational supply chain DNA – a powerful lever to experiment with change. Organisational supply chain DNA allows users to work with a summary description of a supply chain where change scenarios can be easily and quickly translated into DNA versions. OperationalCloningTM then explodes the DNA versions into a clones that fully mirror the complexities of reality. Levering the DNA in this way allows for quick decision making based on future KPIs without compromising accuracy and certainty.

Sources of supply chain decision-making uncertainty addressed by OperationalCloningTM

Sources of uncertainty Our solution
Supply chains are complex systems and operate using a large number of interrelated operational business rules and infrastructure components that are continuously adjusted to meet changes in the environment in which it operates. Small changes can generate significant unintended consequences in time. OperationalCloningTM lets you look into the future at unfolding consequences in time - planned and unplanned - of decision alternatives you are considering now.
People - executives in particular - continuously create and adapt mental maps to interact with a changing environment. Mental maps have two defining characteristics. It is knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person and it is uncertain and incomplete. OperationalCloningTM allows you to shape your mental map using future-based observations of several possible change scenarios with the benefit of an outside-in perspective.
In order to bring a vision or idea from their mental map to life, a decision maker must help others in the organisation to see it as they do. This transmission challenge is intensified by organisational biases across other parts of the business and the need to integrate individual perspectives. OperationalCloningTM creates a vivid representation of a future state providing an effective way to transmit your strategy to individuals and to the parts of the organisation that will be affected. It is a powerful tool that allows real-life, real-time change management and learning to happen before the changed happens.